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Gelato "Artigianale" is the name referring to the certification in Italy given to Gelaterie that only make gelato according to strict standards of all natural and exclusively fresh ingredients. We follow the gelato artigianale standard here at our store in Houston.

Our gelato is made 100% from scratch at our store. We never use pre boxed mixes or powdered thickeners, preservatives, or artificial colors. No high fructose corn syrup, never a pre boxed "commercial mix". Our milk is all local, fresh, and all hormone free. We make our own base the right way. Each batch of our base takes a full 24 hours to make!

It is a longer process and much more work but well worth it in the end result. The difference between our gelato and what you get at commercial chain gelato, ice cream, and yogurt shops is noticeable. We don't over pile or artificially color the gelato just to catch your eye, but then disappoint you when you taste. Gelato should never be oversweet. Pistachio should never look "neon" green!

So read the ingredients on the pint at the grocery store and take a look when you visit your next gelato/ice cream shop, and then ask yourself– "What color is your Pistachio?"