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Pistachio is a flavor essential to any gelateria. Many people try pistachio first to determine the authenticity of the gelato. Our pistachio is made from 100% organic Bronte Pistachio, imported directly from a family owned farm in southern Sicily.

The Bronte region of Sicily is world renowned for the fertile soil at the top of a slope of volcanic rock near the Etna volcano. The elements are perfect for natural growth of pistachio.

Pistachio gelato should be made from 100% natural pistachio; no other nuts or food coloring should be used. Many gelato makers use other nuts to cheapen the cost of the product, and often add food coloring to adjust the color. This can often be seen in "neon" green colored final product.

We use only organic Sicilian pistachio for our pure pistachio gelato. We don't add food coloring and mix other ingredients. It is important to us to keep our ingredients as natural as possible; our intention is to preserve the true flavor of the Sicilian pistachio in our final product.

Come and experience Bronte pistachio in Houston. It's the next best thing to going Italy!